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Keep your baby's skin soft, silky and fresh with Johnson's Baby Powder. Johnson & Johnson baby powder is clinically proven to be mild, gentle and safe for babies. It has also been tested for allergens and found to be non-allergenic. Made from millions of small slippery talc plates that slide over each other smoothly, this talc baby powder, when applied on the skin, lowers irritation caused by friction. In addition, this baby powder keeps your baby's skin comfortable and cool. This powder is convenient to use and remains locked away in the bottle until you need it again. The 22-oz container of scented baby powder is sure to last through extended use and is an excellent product to have on any changing table. Keep a bottle in your diaper bag and you'll have a way to keep your baby dry and comfortable while on the go as well.

Johnson's Baby Powder, 22 oz

SKU: W000269445
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